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DIY Scarf Hanger

In the past year or so, I’ve noticed more light weight scarves infiltrating my wardrobe. They’re an easy way to add a bit of color pattern to an outfit, cover up cleavage (something I’ve got to spare), and protect myself from drafty classrooms. But, they’re somewhat awkward to store and my dresser is already overflowing. A while back on Pinterest I saw an idea for a homemade scarf hanger that even I couldn’t mess up.

All you need is a plastic hanger, a set of shower curtain rings (available at the Dollar Store) and 12 pieces of ribbon or string, each at least 6 to 8 inches long (longer if you want bows instead of knots).

Knot the ribbon once around the skinny part of each ring. Then double knot the ribbon around the bottom part of the hanger.

Then simply feed your scarves through and take a slightly out of focus picture of it to show the internet that you have awesome craft and photography skills.


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Clearing Out the Pantry

As a total foodie and someone who makes almost all their meals at home, my pantry gets used a few times a day. Before I moved into this house, I moved on average twice a year, which meant twice a year my pantry got cleaned out, extras got donated, and I would find a new system. However, I haven’t moved in two years, which means my pantry got a little disorganized. Rather than shift things around, I threw up my hands and took to storing extras in my coat closet. What extras? 2 cases of soup from Costco that I didn’t really like, 1 case of empty canning jars, and 20 pounds of flour. Also, I don’t have a lot of cabinet space, so things that didn’t fit there got shoved to the back of my pantry where they developed a lovely coat of dust. (I’m making y’all want to eat at my place, aren’t I?) Other items got shoved on top of my refrigerator (lunch bags) or somehow got divided between my pantry and cabinets (tupperwear).

So, I emptied my pantry, and wiped down all the shelves. Ingredients got put on the top few shelves organized by type/use, tupperwear was reunited entirely in the pantry, less used items such as the tea pot and espresso maker got moved to the cabinets, and all the flour and canning jars were removed from their exile in the coat closet. I posted the 2 cases of soup and a large container of protein powder that I disliked (it turned my milk green, ugh!) on Freecycle and within 24 hours they were all gone.

And for you sharp eyed readers out there, yes I eat Ramen. It’s my fast food: add some egg or tofu, frozen broccoli, and only use half a packet and it’s a relatively balanced meal in 4 minutes. Also, please don’t take my use of a Duke lunch bag as a sign of fandom: I got it as a free gift. Anyways, someday I’ll tackle my magnetic strip/spice jar system, but not today.


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Emptying the Files

I completed my final project for clearing out my office on Tuesday by tackling my filing system. I have a tendency to save absolutely every single bill or statement, stack them on my desk, and let them accumulate for a few months. Then I spend an evening sorting them out, then shoving them into my filing drawer. It was about time to face that stack again, but my cabinet was about to explode. Since I have all my accounts online I can find copies of all these bills going back at least a year online, so I started to purge. Anything that’s got a digital version available got thrown into the recycling bin. All I kept is my account information so there’s a hard copy and of course all my important documents. Now I have plenty of space, and in case of a big emergency, i can grab my files and go.

To prevent this build up from happening again, I moved my office trash can to between my front door and the entry table. That way as soon as I get home I can toss in the junk mail and tear up the bills and statements, so they don’t even make it back to my office.

Next up on my simplify project, my kitchen!

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Bye Bye Boxes

The next step of tackling my office was to confront the closet in there. I had three main issues with my closet: gift bags and rolls of wrapping paper that I attempt to put on the shelf in there but knock them all down when I go to retrieve one, the craft supplies that I leave on the floor in their shopping bags, and the empty boxes that I just toss in there from packages I’ve received. In under an hour I transferred all gift wrapping supplies to a desk drawer, craft supplies were neatly packed in a Rubbermaid container that previously contained all my extra toiletries (yay for I Complete You!), and most of the boxes were collapsed and ready to be taken to recycling.Those boxes are now temporarily taking up space in my living room, as you can in this lovely artificially lit photo.

I did save 4 in case I ever ship anything (1 tiny, 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large) and a bag of packing peanuts. While I haven’t taken any photos of the now mostly empty closet, I do have one more poorly lit photo of Falcor who wanted his picture taken.

I promise he’s normally white, not yellow.

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Too Many Notes

This week’s office simplify project was to tackle my bookshelf of textbooks and notes. The goal wasn’t to reduce, but to create a system, any system. I have a bad habit of printing out lecture slides, writing my notes on those, then throwing them along with handouts, homework assignments, and tests loose into my backpack. If I’m smart, I designated a binder per term, and keep all my notes for all my classes for the entire term.  When the term ends, I set the stack neatly on my office floor next to all the others and tell myself I’m going to do something about it tomorrow. My last boss sent me home with a stack of empty binders, and I’ve picked up more from Freecycle, but I’ve never actually managed to divide these stacks out by course and into their own binders.

Last night, I brought down stacks of paper by quarter (at least I had some organization?), my bags of binders, and a hole punch. I also brought down all the spiral bound notebooks that were only a quarter filled. I turned on the premier of Project Runway, poured myself a glass of wine, and got to work. I sorted by class, then got each of those in order by date, pulled out notes to add to the appropriate class’s material, then punched my little heart (and wrist) out. By the end, I had 6 neatly organized binders, a few gleaned notebooks, and a couple of extra square feet of floor in my office. Best of all, I’m even more ready to study for my big exam this summer.

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