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The Monster Under the Bed

Something interesting happened in my kitchen this week, though it probably wouldn’t have been to anybody else but me. I was washing the dishes when I dropped a ceramic pitcher in my sink and it cracked. The pitcher was a housewarming gift, went beautifully with my serving dishes and I loved using it. I used to get really upset when I broke anything, particularly so when it was something I really loved. But that night I just shrugged, set it by the trash can and told myself I could find another. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something at the thrift store, Marshall’s or Ikea. I kind of thought that by getting rid of my things I’d become more attached to what’s left, but now I’m realizing for the most part it’s just stuff.

Anyways, onto the monster under the bed, aka the large Rubbermaid and the giant suitcase stuffed with clothes that didn’t fit in my dresser that I shoved under my bed. I pulled them out, dusted them off, opened them up and decided that just like the pitcher I just didn’t care anymore. I doubled the amount of clothes in the trash bag, and filled more bags of clothing to take to the consignment and thrift stores.

What did I keep out of all those clothes? 3 pairs of pants that are a size too small, that I hope to fit into in the next few months, and 2 pairs of hiking pants.

Now what do I do with a giant duffle and an empty Rubbermaid container?


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Me vs the Dresser

A few months ago, one of my dresser drawers stopped closing: my lovely high-quality Ikea particle board bureau couldn’t take the weight of all my pants in one drawer. The metal track that the drawer rests on had pulled away from the side of the dresser. I told myself that I really should clean out the dresser before I fixed it, so it wouldn’t happen again. Well, I’m finally back to my simplify project, and it was about time to get that drawer off my floor.

I pulled out all my clothes and divided them into 5 piles:

  • Keep
  • Consign (white bag)
  • Donate (brown bag)
  • Craft
  • Rags
  • Trash (trash bag)

(Yes, I know there’s still clothing shoved on the shelf on my closet: that gets tackled soon.)

I trashed things I wouldn’t buy at a thrift store myself, namely bathing suits and underwear, as well as things with stains and holes, like old socks and torn up jeans. Excess tee shirts primarily went into the craft pile if they had sentimental value, otherwise they’ve been set aside for rags. Things that didn’t fit, weren’t flattering or just weren’t my style were divided between the consignment and donation piles based on how nice they were.

Next I grabbed a screw and my screwdriver and repaired the metal thingy the drawer rests on (like my technical terminology?), and refilled my drawers with the keep pile.

With all that, what did I keep? Clothes that fit, look good, that I actually wear, with no holes or stains. They all fit nicely back in my newly repaired dresser, distributed so all my pants aren’t in the same drawer, and with room to spare. Which is great, because next week I plan on tackling the two Rubbermaid bins of excess clothing under my bed.

One of the scary parts of all this is that I haven’t done a lot of clothes shopping in the last two years, which means most of this survived the giant purge when I last moved, and I still don’t like half my clothes.

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The Black Holes in My Kitchen

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I’m short. Not kind of short, but really short. As in I haven’t been measured without shoes on in years and I’m still only 5′ 3/4″. Even standing on my tippy toes on my step ladder, I can just reach the edge of the top shelf of my pantry and the cabinets over my refrigerator. As a result, those spaces have turned into black holes. Every time I go to put something away up there, I kind of just shove it in and ignore whatever else is getting shoved around or tipped over in there.

Yesterday evening for my last step in cleaning out my kitchen, I decided to tackle those spaces. My Swiffer has a rubberized handle which helped me to kind of push things towards me, which I set out on the counters and table to sort: 3 water bottles, 3 thermoses of various sizes, some serving dishes, a never used butterfly covered tea set, an Easter basket, Christmas cookie tins, a selection of bento boxes, paper plates and napkins, plastic cups and silverware, disposable cake and pie tins, and a ridiculous array of empty glass jars. Not Mason jars, but random jars that I’ve emptied and saved just in case.

Water bottles were put on a lower shelf where I’ll use them more often, the tea set has been set aside to give to my niece for Christmas, a Goodwill box has been started with Easter basket and some thermoses, and a lot of jars went into the recycling bin. A few tall ones from oils and sauces got set aside for a future project and everything else was returned to the cabinets within reach. Mission accomplished and all within 30 minutes.

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