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Bath & Body Works Red Perfume

Hey folks! The lovely Zhenya from Being Zhenya, helped me review one of the products from my Vox Box. Unfortunately I’m allergic to perfumes, so she reviewed the Bath & Body Works Red perfume. Without further ado, here’s Zhenya’s review!

Mary from Budget Grad Student has recently asked me to review one of the products she received in her Influenster Cosmo Vox Box. Which I agreed to do! Unfortunately with all the holidays and somewhat hectic work schedule, I am only able to do it now. I actually think it’s better this way, because I’ve been using this fragrance for almost 2 weeks now.

Of course every girl loves perfume, but not all perfume is good. And even though “Bath & Body Works travels the world to find the latest trends and most beautiful scents. They never rest in their commitment to bring the world’s newest freshest fragrances for body, hand and home” I was a tad bit disappointed in the scent.

The sample came in a cute little 0.25 oz/7 ml bottle, which made it super portable and easy to carry around, which I did! Took it to work almost every day!

To me the scent was very sweet and floral, turns out my nose wasn’t all that wrong! Here is the Overview you can find on the website:

Our most luxurious longest lasting fragrance blends opulent notes of fiery red pomegranate and delicate peche de vigne, a rare and fleeting French peach. Soft petals of red osmanthus give way to notes of addictive velvety marshmallow and a surprising finale of rich vanilla rum that leaves an unforgettable impression.

  • Top Notes: Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple
  • Mid Notes: Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus
  • Dry Notes: Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood

Marshmallow! That explains it! Mary, you would’ve totally had a headache!

Now long lasting factor was something that I was looking forward to! Not a lot of fragrances last on me, but after trying this one, I have to say one thing:

I had fragrances from CVS pharmacy, that lasted longer!

And even though the scent decided to stay on me for only two hours or so, it did make it way into my head, and gave me a headache as well!

Then I discovered that the perfume itself cost $44.50 (of course it comes in a 2.5 oz bottle!), add a few more dollars and you can afford a really nice Lancome or Estee Lauder fragrance.

All in all it wasn’t very long lasting and too much Vistoria Secretish to me, I’d definitely think twice, even thrice before purchasing this scent! There is so much more one can do with 45 bucks!

Thanks Zhenya!



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Cosmo Vox Box

So, thanks to Being Zhenya, I recently got hooked on Influenster, which lets me review different products, which we all know I love. They recently sent me a Cosmo Vox Box filled with products to try out. Yes, I received these things for free, but my opinions are all my own. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing

  • FriXion by Pilot Pen
  • Ghiradelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape
  • Gillette Venus Embrace AND Venus & Olay Razor

In addition, Zhenya will be helping me out by reviewing Forever Red Eau de Parfume by Bath & Body Works. While I love free products, I do not love migraines so she’ll be letting y’all know how fabulous she smells.

Cosmo Vox Box

And if you’re interested in trying out Influenster for yourself, let me know and I can invite you!

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Used vs New Clothing

I don’t how y’all feel about it, but I’m a big fan of second hand clothing. It keeps things out of the landfill, my money doesn’t have to directly support companies I’m not always a fan of, I get to support local charities and best of all, it’s super cheap! And this normally shopping phobic girl loves finding high quality treasures on the rack that you would never guess aren’t brand new. Most of my clothing purchases since starting grad school, even pajamas, have been at thrift or consignment shops, but I do have a few things I refuse to buy used.

Underwear: I think to most people this is a big “duh.” And while sometimes Goodwill has panties, bras and socks that still have their original price tag, but the ick factor is too high.

Workout Clothes: I’m not talking about old cotton tees and sweats here, which I do occasionally pick up to use as work clothes; I’m talking about fancy wicking “technical” workout clothing. I don’t know about you, but when I look at that stuff, all I think about is sweat and dirt. Not to mention that type of material seems to hang onto body odors despite repeated washings. Smelling myself while working out is bad enough, I don’t want to smell anybody else.


Everyday Shoes: I know there are people who voluntarily buy all their shoes second hand but they must have either better luck or knees and back than I do. I’m a big walker: it’s a rare day when I don’t cover at least three miles, usually five so I need high quality shoes that are comfortable. I’ve found secondhand shoes that meet those requirements exactly twice. Everything else is super cheap or on the point of falling apart. If I find dress shoes with minimal or no wear and tear I’ll buy those, however it’s hard to find them in my freakishly small size.

What’s your policy on used clothes and shoes?


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On Hair

Ladies, let’s talk hair. While I didn’t go straight from undergrad to grad school, I did work exclusively at universities in between and worked with a lot of grad students. We joked about the grad student hair: long and unstyled because a girl is too busy and broke to pay for a cut. Back in those days, I dutifully got a $40 to $50 haircut every 3 months. There were different variations, but it was always above the shoulder with layers. Exhibit A, my profile picture.

It was cute, but required daily washing and blow drying, not to mention the cost of getting it cut every few months. I kept that up for the first year of grad school but then I got busy and largely forgot about cutting my hair. Sometimes I realized that I looked a little scraggly but never at a time when I had the extra money for a cut. Plus, I kind of enjoyed being able to pull it up for exercise or when I’m focused in the lab, and I really loved not having to wash and dry it on days when I was in a hurry. However, after 18 months, I was left with this look.

Classic grad student hair: a wee bit scraggly and stringy (also, keeping it super classy by taking my picture in the work bathroom.) So I decided to bite the bullet and get a haircut. But, this time I decided to set the bar a little lower. I figured a longer cut with longer layers would meet my super low maintenance needs/desires and let me go longer between cuts. Plus, that way I could use a cheaper salon. So, $15 and a generous tip later, this is what I came out with.

Is your haircut/care a splurge or a way to save?

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