Weekly Update: January 21

I don’t know about you guys, but my weekends are either jam packed with social activities or nothing at all. This weekend was one of the former and I managed to pack an awful lot into 48 hours. Friday night I went to one of my book clubs, where we discussed the book Gone Girl in all of 5 minutes before switching to Magic Mike, which oddly prompted a lot more discussion. I scurried off to catch the tail end of a wine and cheese with a group of classmates. Saturday morning I dragged myself up early to babysit then go into work (thrilling I know). Sunday I spent the whole day with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. After talking about it for 4 years (we met MLK weekend 2009!) we finally made it to the infamous farmers market under the freeway. This is not a fancy market, with pastries, coffee beverages and live entertainment, but dirt cheap local produce. For $4.50 I came away with 2 lbs of potatoes, 2 lbs of onions, 1 lb broccoli & 1 large bunch mustard greens. Then we went off to her house to cook it all up before more friends joined us for an afternoon of tasting her homebrewed beer and wine.


Spending: I spent a whopping $15 between the grocery store and the farmer’s market, which really wasn’t bad. I also splurged on a $5 burrito between babysitting and working on Saturday, which makes 3 lunches.

Savings: This was a pretty good area for me this week, starting with the $50 I made for 4 hours of babysitting! After buying my burrito (mmm) the remainder went into a jar for my trip. I’m also petsitting for the friends who watched Falcor while I was out of town in exchange for the eggs from their chickens and all the chard and kale I can eat from their garden. Finally, I took the time to actually hang my laundry to dry, saving energy, and handwashed my delicates, saving wear and tear.


The research thing was not so great this week. I keep running into issues with the data and my boss and I are both getting frustrated. It doesn’t help that I put off learning SQL and now it really shows that I have no idea what I’m doing with data systems management. The TA thing is going better, though I have to do some grading before bed tonight. One student did tell me its her favorite class so far, but she’s a friend so I’ll take that with a grain of salt.

Health and Fitness

I found my running shoes and even took a late lunch to use them! I’ve also been eating veggies like a maniac: I can’t get enough greens this week.


Lunches: Egg salad on whole wheat bread with veggies; Singapore curry stirfry over whole wheat noodles.

Suppers: Simple lima beans (recipe tomorrow!) with roasted broccoli; ???.

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