Weekly Update: January 14

How was everybody’s weekends? Mine was nice and low key: I walked around town to run errands, took Falcor to Disneyland, aka the dog park, and watched some movies. I so rarely have weekends without plans that I so enjoyed just kicking back.


Spending: Yeah, this was not my strongest point this week: I had two friends with birthdays. The first one I found a Groupon to our mutual favorite vegan restaurant¬† few months ago then spent an additional $20 on drinks and appetizers. The next night I got a manicure with another birthday girl then enjoyed some vegetarian tapas with a group of our friends. I brought along some homemade cupcakes (lavender honey) to complete the meal. Not the cheapest week ever, but what’s the point of having money if you can’t celebrate with friends every once in a while?

Savings: Other than the birthday extravaganza the only money I spent this week was a gallon of skim milk and $2 for throw rugs at a yard sale. This restraint thing gets easier all the time.


So leading my first discussion section went pretty well. I thought I’d never fill 50 minutes, but before I knew it I only had 5 minutes left and a million questions left to answer. As for research, I finally agreed with my boss about adding a new section to the paper, which means I’m back to analyzing data sets. In the meantime I got a last minute invitation to speak at a conference next month, so I’ve got to update my slides and polish my presentation.

Health and Fitness

I have been aces on eating healthy and walking a ton. However, I can not find my running shoes to save my life. Any idea where I might have hid them?


Lunches: Broccoli and potato casserole; Swiss chard and lentil pasta.

Suppers: Vegetable soup (recipe tomorrow!); masala pinto beans and curry roasted cauliflower.


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