DIY Shoe Repair

Last spring during our big rainy season, in the space of one week I had two pairs of boots fall apart on me. My rain boots started to split around the seams and the sole started to come off one of my Clark’s motorcycle boots. I did some Googling and decided to give Shoe Goo a try.

Reattaching a leather boot to its sole? Fabulous! Just work carefully, use a thin stick of some kind to get the glue between the two and keep the goo off the leather.

Repairing shredded rubber boots? Not so much. I sanded the surface lightly, applied a thick coat of goo, let it cure for 48 hours, then took them out in the rain. After walking a mile, the following happened:

Busted Boots

Not so waterproof. Moral of this story is don’t try and repair shredded rubber. Or, better yet, don’t leave your rain boots sitting outside for a month in direct sunlight which is killer on rubber.


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