Weekly Update: January 7

First off, I’d like to announce a landmark achievement for me: my first referral from Pinterest. Apparently rash-free homemade deodorant is going to be my ticket to internet fame. Who knew?


Spending: The only thing I spent money on this week was a new monthly bus pass, not bad, huh? With my fabulous European vacation coming up, I’m pinching every penny until it bleeds.

Savings: So a few months ago, I read the back of my receipt and saw my grocery store had been sued and if you submitted your address online, you could get a $20 gift certificate in the mail. I followed the directions and promptly forgot about the whole thing. But, this week I got my gift card in the mail! I got all my groceries and toiletries for the month, minus my weekly milk purchase, plus have some leftover!


I’m gearing up to start teaching this week: my first time as the instructor instead of the student, unless you count my time as a camp counselor or Sunday School teacher (feel free to mock me). I wrote the first homework, hopefully without making it too hard, and am gearing up to lead my first discussion section. Of course, I also still have my own research to deal with, so I’m searching databases in hopes of finding that right data set to complete what I need for the paper.

Health and Fitness

Y’all, I have been craving healthy food like a crazy person the past week. It’s like my body can’t take anymore junk and just wants more oranges, greens, milk and beans. I’ve also been walking everywhere, deliberately taking the long way around whenever I can.


Lunches: Lemon roasted potatoes (recipe tomorrow!), lentils and kale.

Suppers: Simple lima beans and dandelion greens; butternut squash soup.


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