A Belated Weekly Update: December 21

Whoa: it’s been a whole week since I last posted. My internet decided to crash on me on Friday afternoon but I wasn’t able to deal with it all weekend since I spent most of it singing at concerts. My service provider finally got things up and running yesterday afternoon when they realized that somehow they were sending too much data (?) for my connection to handle so they cut my data in half and said that not only would my router stop crashing, but my bill would be cut too. Yay! Of course, an hour after I got back online, I was settling into my couch to catch up on blogging when I heard a loud pop and everything went dark. The electric company said I would be power-less for at least four hours, so I packed up some craft supplies and headed to a friend with lights and heat. We decorated Christmas ornaments, baked and ate cookies until I was a little sick to my stomach. Now I’m back home with the magical combination of electricity and internet. Yay!



Spending: I was forced to buy 2 gallons of milk this weekend. I was so tired after my concert that I left the first gallon sitting on the floor beside the refrigerator overnight. Oddly, that did not help things stay fresh, so I whisked myself off to buy another gallon. Oops.

Savings: It’s the holidays, who actually manages to spend less? I did throw my super cheap Christmas party and took things I had on hand to another one, but right now I’m trying to survive without dumping my entire savings into the local economy.


Write, write, write. Write, write, write. Write, write, write. So yeah, I’ve been writing a lot to get this journal article done. Then my boss checks my funding and discovers that we promised to do one more type of data analysis for this project. Uh oh. We haven’t yet decided if we’ll insert into this paper or submit it as a supplement later. I’m leaning towards the latter, he’s leaning towards the former. This may require fisticuffs to decide the matter.

In other news, I’m getting ready to be a teaching assistant (TA) next academic quarter. (More about that later!) In the mean time, I’m preparing the syllabus and rereading the assigned textbooks to make sure they fit this year’s goals. At least I’ll sleep well on the plane.

Health and Fitness

I’ve started switching out my afternoon walk with a run a few days a week. They aren’t long runs since I have to shower afterwards, but I’ve got a locker room right by my office and it feels great to get a little more movement in my days. Otherwise, I’m still trying to load up on the fruits and veggies before I eat every cookie in sight.


Lunches: Spaghetti with marinara and mozzarella. This isn’t thrilling, but it’s why I canned all that marinara this summer, for weeks when I don’t have the energy to do more than boil noodles and heat up sauce.

Suppers: Vegetarian split pea soup; lima beans in chutney with collards and roasted squash. I’m currently in use up the perishables mode.


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