Weekly Update December 10

I hope that everybody had a great weekend. After my crazy weekend my house is decorated, the family fruitcake is soaking in brandy and my dog is happily prancing around the house in his beloved jingle bell collar. I picked it up for $1 a few years ago, thinking it would amuse me for a few minutes before taking it off. However, the little bugger freaking loves it and when I take it off him, he stands under the shelf and whimpers until I put it back on him or distract him with a walk or toy. Anyways, enough mocking my poor pup and on with my weekly update!


Spending: Ugh. I went to Costco and stocked up on baking supplies, then got sucked into a fundraiser for my chorus group and bought nuts and See’s chocolates. I solemnly swear that I won’t buy any chocolate, cheese, butter or nuts until I use up everything I currently have in my pantry, including all 7 (!) pounds of chocolate.

Saving: I’m counting the following as savings. When I went to my dinner party this weekend, I brought a homemade baguette and some cheese from my stash instead of picking up some prefab appetizers. When I invited a friend over to help me decorate, I made a giant crockpot of soup so it would be ready when we got back, rather than picking up takeout. While shopping this weekend, I opted against spending a giftcard I already had since I didn’t really need anything from that store.


This week I took a few breaks from writing to prepare giving a seminar this week. I’m really excited about the content of what we’ve accomplished so far, but nervous about getting it right in front of a group of people who probably understand what I’m talking about better than I do.

Health and Fitness

I walked, walked, walked, ate lots of vegetables, drank a lot of water, said no to seconds and tried not to inhale the entire dessert table on my own. That’s got to count for something, right? My thighs certainly hope so.

Meal Planning

Lunch: rice with aloo gobi & dal, pizza with whole wheat crust and a salad

Suppers: pumpkin stew with dumplings (recipe tomorrow!) stewed lima beans with sweet potatoes & greens


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One response to “Weekly Update December 10

  1. “I walked, walked, walked, ate lots of vegetables, drank a lot of water, said no to seconds and tried not to inhale the entire dessert table on my own” Hey, it’s half the battle 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing better than me on the dessert front, too.

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