A Very Packed Holiday Weekend

Whoa. I might have overdone the holiday spirit this weekend.

I live in a small-ish town with a downtown straight out of an Old West movie. This past Friday a friend and I went to the tree lighting. A school choir led us in carols, Boy Scouts roasted chestnuts, local businesses passed out hot cider and cookies, and the biggest ranch in the area gave free carriage rides. Filled with civic and holiday spirit, she treated me to dinner at a new restaurant then we decorated her Christmas tree.

Saturday morning Main St. closed down for our town’s holiday parade. We munched on pastries from the bakery, lattes from the coffee shop and tamales from the best Mexican place (mmm, tamales) in town while cheering for the high school marching band, ROTC drill team, and several Mexican Folklorico groups. Then my friend and I walked by the tree sale put on by a local farm to pick one up for me. After lunch and decorating I headed to the home of another friend for a dinner party.

Since I was riding high on the Christmas spirit I let another friend talk me into going into the mall with her today. To quote the immortal Vivian Ward, “Big mistake! Huge!” Y’all, I don’t like crowds, noisi-ness or commercialism. The biggest mall in my region a few weeks before Christmas somehow managed to combine all three of those things, weirdly enough. Fortunately her shopping list was short and all I needed was a pair of black flats so we were able to head out within 2 hours before stopping at one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants.

It may be cheesy but it’s true: hands down the best parts of the weekend were spending time with friends and feeling like a part of my community. What are your favorite things to do in the lead up to Christmas?


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