November Recap and December Goals

And just like that, the holiday season has started. I signed up on Facebook for something called the Little Drummer Boy Challenge, where you “lose” the first time you hear the LDB and have to post the date, time and location. I got knocked out the first day when I performed at a local church’s holiday festival and another group sang the Little Drummer Boy. At least I made it into December? But first, let’s take a look at how I did in November.

November Goals

  • Get back on track with cash spending: I was horrible about that in October!

I did pretty well here, which I’m proud of. I just have to make it to the bank on the first or otherwise I get thrown off for the whole month.

  • Finish the half marathon without collapsing and/or dying

Oh good Lord, I did this, but it was hard. Cold, driving rain and heavy winds. Of course I’ve signed up for another one in January and I promise I’ll do more training this time so I’ll subject everybody to less whining.

  • Throw myself an awesome 30th birthday party

Check! I had a blast and several friends said it was the best party they’ve been to in a while. Of course the night before I freaked out and doubled the amount of food I had planned on and then my guests ate less than a third of it. Good thing I really like Mexican food and leftovers!

December Goals

  • Keep splurges to a reasonable level, food and money wise
  • Buy my ticket to Paris (!)
  • Finish my first article well enough for editing by my boss

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