My Grocery List

As I’ve mentioned several times before I get most of my produce, nuts and beans from the farm, so I tend to do one big shop a month to pick up everything else I need, with a weekly stop for milk and any last minute item. As a result, my grocery list often looks a bit imbalanced.

December List

  • onions
  • oatmeal
  • brown rice
  • eggs
  • butter (x2)
  • blue cheese
  • brie
  • chocolate chips
  • dark chocolate
  • vodka
  • trash bags
  • toilet paper

As you can see, I rarely buy any produce from anyplace but Nevermore. Also, I start out reasonably healthy, move into some less healthy stuff before diving straight into the hard liquor, then wind up with the mundane.

What does your grocery list look like?


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