December 3 Weekly Update

First off, I apologize for any typos or weird formating: I’m attempting to write this on my phone. Anyways, I feel like I’ve spent most of the last week preparing for lots of rain, dealing with the rain or cleaning up from the rain. 3.75 inches doesn’t sound like much over 5 days but apparently it’s enough to flood my parking lot twice. Somehow I got a decent amount done anyways.

The Money

Spending: Last week I only bought some much ended groceries, a Christmas present for my nephew and a repair kit for my rain boots. Oh yeah, and tonight I’m spending the last of my birthday on dinner and a concert in San Francisco. (Thanks Mom!)

Saving: I was hanging out with a friend wile she cleaned out her closet (aren’t I sweet?) and relieved her of a juggling kit for the family white elephant and a doohickey for my nephew’s stocking. And with that I’m done with Christmas shopping.


Writing, writing and more writing with the occasional break to prepare slides for a presentation. I’m bored thinking about this on my evening off.

Health & Fitness

Y’all, I am rocking this category as hard as my Christmas shopping. I got up early every morning to work out with a boot camp or yoga DVD. Plus I’ve been craving health foods which is great heading into the holiday season. I lost 1 pound which felt really good.

Meal Plan

Lunches: brown rice, beans & veggies, and something I call girlfriend pasta (recipe tomorrow)

Suppers: freezer soup


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