On Hair

Ladies, let’s talk hair. While I didn’t go straight from undergrad to grad school, I did work exclusively at universities in between and worked with a lot of grad students. We joked about the grad student hair: long and unstyled because a girl is too busy and broke to pay for a cut. Back in those days, I dutifully got a $40 to $50 haircut every 3 months. There were different variations, but it was always above the shoulder with layers. Exhibit A, my profile picture.

It was cute, but required daily washing and blow drying, not to mention the cost of getting it cut every few months. I kept that up for the first year of grad school but then I got busy and largely forgot about cutting my hair. Sometimes I realized that I looked a little scraggly but never at a time when I had the extra money for a cut. Plus, I kind of enjoyed being able to pull it up for exercise or when I’m focused in the lab, and I really loved not having to wash and dry it on days when I was in a hurry. However, after 18 months, I was left with this look.

Classic grad student hair: a wee bit scraggly and stringy (also, keeping it super classy by taking my picture in the work bathroom.) So I decided to bite the bullet and get a haircut. But, this time I decided to set the bar a little lower. I figured a longer cut with longer layers would meet my super low maintenance needs/desires and let me go longer between cuts. Plus, that way I could use a cheaper salon. So, $15 and a generous tip later, this is what I came out with.

Is your haircut/care a splurge or a way to save?


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