November 5 Weekly Update

Howdy y’all! After a few weekends of craziness, it as nice to stay around home, catch up on errands, chores and blogging while also having time to spend with friends. I’m pretty sure my dog especially enjoyed our long Sunday run.


Spending: I had good and bad points in this category. I planned on $7 for beer and appetizers at happy hour and $20 to buy a new dress, but also picked up take-out twice when I was too lazy to fix my own food.

Earnings: Nothing in the form of cash, but I was given a Costco pack of fresh baked bread and took a free(!) wine tasting course, which provided wine and appetizers. Now that I’m trained I can participate in wine studies for my campus’s viticulture department, which is going to be a total hardship.


Another category with good and bad. My boss and I had a long talk this week about the direction of my research and my future career goals. We came to the decision that the project I started this summer does not meet those goals and is probably beyond my current skill set, so I’m trying to wrap up what I’ve done so far so I can provide an update report to the funding agency and hand it over to somebody else. In the meantime, we’re applying for a couple of grants that are more up my alley, skill and goal wise. I’m relieved to have this project taken off my hands and to start something more interesting, but it’s a bit disappointing to admit that I’m not good at something and to set back my progress by at least 6 months.

Health and Fitness

Walking? Yes. Avoid Halloween candy? Mostly. One splurge day? Kinda. Lift weights? Nope. Trying again this week? Definitely. New goals are to record everything I eat and weigh myself every day.


Lunches: Hummus sandwiches with a side of kale chips. Roasted eggplant, lentil and wheat berry salad.

Suppers: White bean and kale soup.

And to finish up, a question for you: would you like a recipe for the salad or the soup? Or both?


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