October 29 Weekly Update

Hey folks! I hope everybody had a great week and that my East Coast followers aren’t being hammered by the Frankenstorm. My brother came to visit me, and I showed him the Northern California sites, including the world’s largest corn maze and a walking tour of San Francisco. I’m hoping to convince him to move out here next year and I’m pretty sure 80 F, sunshine and awesome produce helped my argument.


Spending: Surprisingly little for all the socializing I did. I bought a friend her first beer earlier this week (21 seems so long ago), plus a visit to the farmer’s market with my brother (mm, brussel sprouts!), the corn maze and gas plus tolls to San Francisco. Fortunately, since we’re both starving students, we ate in except for when he treated me to an early birthday lunch in the Mission.

Earnings: I had to turn down a babysitting job since I was busy this weekend, but I did sell a few pieces at a consignment shop, which I’m taking as store credit.


I passed my evil test! Woohoo! Yeah, I also made good progress on writing and research, but did I mention passing my test? Because I passed it!

Health and Fitness

I’ve been doing a ton of walking this week, at least 5 miles per day, plus really enjoying fall fruits, like jujubes and persimmons. That’s balanced by happy hour and weekend spent eating our family’s favorite chocolate pie. This week the goal is to have 1 “splurge” day, avoid Halloween candy, and add in 2 weight lifting sessions. Climbing the hills of San Francisco made me realize that I need to use different muscles than my standard walking/running/biking on flat land.


Lunches: Lots of leftovers from this weekend! Roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes with barbecued tofu, roasted eggplant and Italian lentils (recipe tomorrow) with crusty bread.

Suppers: Mexican-y bean soup topped with a friend’s salsa and fresh tostadas (love having talented friends!)


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