Finding an Outlet

I have a confession that would have embarrassed the heck out of me back in high school: I like to sing. Not just along to the radio, but in church choirs and to show tunes in my kitchen. I looked into local community musical theater, but it’s an enormous time commitment. Then a friend invited me to join our town’s chamber choir with her. I was interested to have another creative outlet and a real live audience, but this group charges membership fees. Fortunately they have a scholarship program, so in exchange for volunteering a little extra of my time, I get to sing for free! They also provide attire for performances, so all I’m out is a pair of black hose and flats. We’ve been rehearsing for a few weeks and I’m getting excited about our Christmas performances. Don’t ask me for pictures though; the concert outfit would be perfect formal wear for a very modest nun.



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2 responses to “Finding an Outlet

  1. That’s so exciting! I hope you enjoy it! Strangely enough, writing was like that for me. A few months ago I realized “OMG. I love writing. I need to do this more.” Forget the fact I’d already had a blog for a couple years. šŸ˜‰ It just took me a while to realize what I enjoyed most was the ACTUAL WRITING. (Ps, this is Christine, formerly from Christine’s Little Blog but now from my brand new blog My Everyday Life)

  2. Thanks! I’m having a lot of fun with this. I’m also really enjoying your new blog. Can’t wait to read more of it!

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