October 22 Weekly Update

Holy cow. This weekend was 80 and sunny and today was 60 and pouring rain. In 24 hours I went from long sleeve shirts and cute flats to a sweater, jacket and boots.


Spending: Not doing my best in this area: I got take out on Friday night, but only spent $5 for 3 meals worth of food, which is awesome. I also splurged on getting my car wash. The other day I couldn’t find it in a parking lot because it was a different color due to all the dust. On Saturday I was running errands, prepared to go home and wash it myself, when I passed a car wash raising money for the community college musical theater group. Clean car and support a fun cause? Totally worth it in my book.

Earnings: I’ve been working hard at doing more online surveys, hoping to cash in next month on a good pair of black riding boots. If you find anything cute online, feel free to share the links!


Hopefully y’all can offer me some advice in this area. I’m currently taking a required course in scientific writing. I’m trying to use this opportunity to write up a project I’m finishing up in order to submit it to journals this winter. However the instructor has no experience in my field and wants to take my article in a different direction than my major professor does. I want an A, but I don’t want to have to rewrite this whole thing over the holidays.

Health and Fitness

I’ve been walking lots and even started riding my bike to campus again, but am constantly finding opportunities to “celebrate” with food. In addition to to finding me the perfect boots and helping me navigate academic politics, can y’all cure me of my addiction to cheese?


Lunches: rice and black beans with salsa, baba ghanoush with cracked wheat salad

Suppers: Stir fry with an adventure to use a Ethiopian Groupon


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