October 15 Weekly Update

I don’t know about y’all, but I can no longer deny the presence of fall. The other day I wore boots and a jacket, and I actually pulled some pumpkin out of the freezer. I’m even drinking warm spiced milk as I write this.


Spending: I forgot my bus pass one day forcing me to spend an extra $4, but that was still cheaper than the gas. Other than that, this was a no spend week.

Earnings: One mystery shop to the tune of $11.50. However, I also received a lot of good food this week: leftovers from an event, including cookies, roasted veggies and 2 logs of my beloved goat cheese, and a loaf of bread and muffins from a friend I pet sat for.


In between writing and coding, I helped throw a very successful social for faculty and students where I made some good connections for outlining my dissertation. I also got to attend a lecture by a Nobel laureate and did some training on connecting students with campus resources.

Health and Fitness

Another pound down! My otherwise fantastic dog had been having some issues being on a leash, but we’ve been working with a trainer and walks have been so much nicer. Plus we’re in that lovely window between blazing hot and wet cold.


Lunches: Last week’s pasta with goat cheese was so yummy, I’m going to repeat it with my leftover roast veggies and herbed goat cheese over whole wheat pasta. And apparently I’m feeling noodle-ish because I’m also planning marinara and lentils over more pasta.

Suppers: I found a recipe for curried pumpkin and eggplant soup that sounds like a great combo of summer and fall produce. If it works out well, I’ll share it later this week!


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