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While I fail to fulfill the geek stereotype of needing glasses (better than 20/20 vision!), I definitely suffer from allergies. Since moving to this area, I deal with sinus headaches from spring through fall. Normally I ignore them or use my Neti pot (gross but effective) and a combination of OTC pain killers and sinus medicine. Recently those headaches have intensified, and I was spending a dollar a day on Claritin, pseudofed and/or painkillers. I figured there had to be a cheaper way to deal with this, so last week I made an appointment with my doctor.

I’m lucky in that most people of my income level in the US don’t have health insurance, or insurance as good as mine. I’m not saying this is the best policy I’ve ever had, but as a student I have no copays at the student health center and all prescriptions are $5. Plus, I can always make an appointment the same day.

My doctor spent 30 minutes with me and came to the same conclusion I did: that I suffer from seasonal allergies. She wrote me a prescription, which I picked up downstairs and cost me a whopping $5, and I have a year’s worth of refills. Within 12 hours, the headache was gone and I can wake up in the morning without immediately having to blow my nose (sexy, huh?).

If I didn’t have this great coverage I’d still be dealing with a daily headache, which could cut way back on my productivity, or be paying $1 every day for OTCs, which adds up quickly.


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