September Recap and October Goals

Yay for October! I get the best parts of fall (pumpkin flavored things and beer fests) and the temperature only drops to 80 around here, which this summer loving girl adores.

September Goals

  • put 10% of my income into savings


  • get up to 6 miles of running

Not quite. See previous post and West Nile. Wear your bug spray, y’all, and avoid going out at dawn and dusk.

  • pass my test!

Mostly? I know I passed 3 of the 4 sections, and the 4th section may be iffy, but even if I fail, it shouldn’t set back my class work or research. I’ll just have to retake it again in 6 months.

October goals

  • Buy Christmas ticket home without dipping into savings
  • Sell clothes and shoes to consignment shop
  • Get up to 10 miles of running


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2 responses to “September Recap and October Goals

  1. I love your goals list! I make a list each month…only they’re crazy long lists!

    I found your blog via Being Zhenya and am now following via email!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. Thanks for reading Helen! I like to keep my monthly goal list shorter so it feels more manageable. My daily to do list is a little crazier.

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