October 1 Weekly Update

Holy cow: it’s October. Maybe fall will actually show up here sometime soon.


Spending:  Nothing unexpected: some clothes shopping and some groceries.

Earnings: None: had to turn down a house cleaning job this weekend because I was sick. However, I scheduled them for next week when hopefully I’ll be completely back on my feet.


Classes are rolling and the undergrads are learning their way around campus. On the research side, things are going steadily, though I’ll need to make more progress soon. It looks like I’ll be giving a seminar in December, speaking at a conference in January and be up for an award at the same conference, which requires another presentation. Guess I’m a real scientist or something.

Health and Fitness

Boo for West Nile Virus, though as a mosquito researcher I find it somewhat appropriate that I get to experience a little of what I’m studying. Also, the appetite suppression hasn’t been entirely a bad thing. And, I did get a few runs in before I got leveled, so that’s nice.


Lunches: coconut curried lentils (from the freezer) over brown rice

Suppers: tofu noodle soup (recipe coming tomorrow!)


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