Me vs the Dresser

A few months ago, one of my dresser drawers stopped closing: my lovely high-quality Ikea particle board bureau couldn’t take the weight of all my pants in one drawer. The metal track that the drawer rests on had pulled away from the side of the dresser. I told myself that I really should clean out the dresser before I fixed it, so it wouldn’t happen again. Well, I’m finally back to my simplify project, and it was about time to get that drawer off my floor.

I pulled out all my clothes and divided them into 5 piles:

  • Keep
  • Consign (white bag)
  • Donate (brown bag)
  • Craft
  • Rags
  • Trash (trash bag)

(Yes, I know there’s still clothing shoved on the shelf on my closet: that gets tackled soon.)

I trashed things I wouldn’t buy at a thrift store myself, namely bathing suits and underwear, as well as things with stains and holes, like old socks and torn up jeans. Excess tee shirts primarily went into the craft pile if they had sentimental value, otherwise they’ve been set aside for rags. Things that didn’t fit, weren’t flattering or just weren’t my style were divided between the consignment and donation piles based on how nice they were.

Next I grabbed a screw and my screwdriver and repaired the metal thingy the drawer rests on (like my technical terminology?), and refilled my drawers with the keep pile.

With all that, what did I keep? Clothes that fit, look good, that I actually wear, with no holes or stains. They all fit nicely back in my newly repaired dresser, distributed so all my pants aren’t in the same drawer, and with room to spare. Which is great, because next week I plan on tackling the two Rubbermaid bins of excess clothing under my bed.

One of the scary parts of all this is that I haven’t done a lot of clothes shopping in the last two years, which means most of this survived the giant purge when I last moved, and I still don’t like half my clothes.


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