September 23 Weekly Update

I’m back! The horrible, no good, very bad 2 day long test is over with. While I don’t think I passed all the sections, I won’t find out the results for another month, and I’ll only have to repeat that one section in six months. For now, I can go back to normal life and return to such exciting things as having a clean home, getting some exercise and blogging!


Spending: Not too bad, considering. I did get takeout once before the exam, but I made it last for 3 meals, and when I went out to celebrate with classmates afterwards, I split an entree, and we all went in on the cheapest pitcher. Mmm, PBR.

Earnings: $105 from babysitting! I’m now doing this semi-regular gig for a family with twin four year olds. They’re a handful, but super sweet and pretty independent. Also, I’ve stepped up my online surveys in hope of saving up enough to buy an awesome pair of boots during the after Thanksgiving sales.


Did I mention my test is over? Because my test is over! This week classes start again, and I’m only signed up for one data analysis class and a seminar. Otherwise it’s time to tie up loose ends on one project and start writing (ahh!) and get rolling on the other one. I actually went into my lab on Friday and made a great breakthrough, which soothed my bruised ego.

Health and Fitness

I managed to not completely devolve into junk food? I managed to get in my 5 to 9 fruits and veggies every day, which is stark improvement over my behavior during previous times of extreme stress. Also, having a dog is forced fresh air, which is awesome.


Lunches: Healthy eggplant parmesan (recipe tomorrow!) brown rice and beans with lots of veggies

Suppers: Cucumber and chickpea salad, veggie bowl with pinto beans, fajita veggies & salsa



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2 responses to “September 23 Weekly Update

  1. Hey, sounds good! I just started back at University last week and the shit has yet to hit the fan, workload wise 🙂 Still pumped!

  2. I ventured away from my lab building today to the heart of campus and loved watching the new students with maps, trying to figure out how to ride a bike again, and the occasional parent carrying large bags filled with sweatshirts & textbooks.

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