September 10 Weekly Update

Hey folks, I hope y’all had good weekends! Mine wasn’t terribly exciting but terribly productive. I helped put in 400 fall transplants on the farm, cleaned up my house, and got a lot of studying done.


Spending:  I’m doing pretty good on this front. I forgot my car was due for it’s smog test, but the family who I clean for sent me a new check to replace the lost one, so everything will hopefully balance out. Also, I decided to start carpooling with a classmate who just moved to my town, so my gas budget will go down.

Earnings: 1 mystery shop and 1 all day baby-sitting gig. Preschool aged twins are a handful, but entertaining.


Big test is coming up next week! Fortunately, we reached a final format for my computer model, so I can take a big step back from that and direct half my time each day to studying.

Health and Fitness

Weight has stayed the same, but that’s ok with me right now. I’ve been doing great with the healthy eating, and went on a run with the pup this morning. Yay for free exercise and a tour of the historic neighborhood in town.


Lunches: pesto, chickpeas and cherry tomatoes over whole wheat pasta, fajita veggies, tomatillo salsa, and pinto beans over brown rice

Suppers: Gazpacho (recipe tomorrow!) with a side of fava puree, healthy eggplant parmesan (recipe next week if it works!)


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