August Recap and September Goals

Hey folks! Sorry about the radio silence this week: major deadline at work plus studying meant something had to be dropped and blogging was it. But, we reached a breakthrough in my research so at least some of the pressure is off.

August Goals

  • Replace my phone and get a cheaper plan

Yes! I switched from Verizon to Virgin Mobile and reduced the cost of my plan by $20 a month, as detailed in this post.

  • Do practice problems 5 days a week

Not so much. Though now the test is less than two weeks away, so must kick my butt in gear.

  • Work out twice a week

I’m giving myself credit for this. I made a real effort to walk more with the dog, take a daily walk at work and when I got fidgety at my desk, ran the stairs from the 1st floor to the 5th. The department director thinks I’m crazy but my quads are getting toned.

  • Wear eyeshadow 6 days a week (my make-up collection rivals my toiletry collection)

Yes! I think I’m going to continue this process since it’s using things up and its a little bit of an ego boost.

August Additional Income:

  • $80 in cleaning houses. I actually lost the check, but the family kindly sent me a new one.
  • $20 in online surveys, which I’m setting aside for a good pair boots.
  • $20 in mystery shopping
  • $20 from a great switcheroo. A coworker had way too many tomatillos so he left 20 pounds on my desk. I swapped 10 of those for 2 watermelons. I gave the watermelons to 2 friends who really love watermelons and both insisted on paying me $10. Yay!

Other August Updates:

I paid off one of my credit cards! Did you hear that? I paid off one of my credit cards! That’s a total of $4000 paid off since January, and now I can snowball the extra money towards my other credit card.

September Goals

  • put 10% of my income into savings
  • get up to 6 miles of running
  • pass my test!

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