August 27 Weekly Update

As much as I have loved My Pretty Pennies’ Weekly Money Check-Up format, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to take a step forward and create my own weekly update post. Thanks for the inspiration over the months, Ginna! It’s helped me look back at how I’ve done and given me inspiration for the week ahead.


Spending:  A little too much on going out. I went out for a beer with some new friends, everybody else ordered a bunch of food and when the check came, we were a little short. I decided to suck it up and throw in a few extra bucks, but next time I’m asking for a separate check. Also on Friday I had a bit of a meltdown, so for sanity reasons I opted for take-out and renting a DVD rather than cooking for a friend.

Earnings: 1 mystery shop and 1 lost check from house cleaning. Double boo on the lost check since I had rented a steam cleaner and they reimbursed me in that check, so I’m actually out money on this one.


I’m still freaking out about my big test in 3 (!) weeks, but that’s to be expected. My goal is to do more practice problems which hopefully will calm me down a little. My boss is also asking for a final report on one of my projects by the end of this week so we can polish for a conference next month and get it ready for publication.

Health and Fitness

I’m down 5 pounds this first week, which I’m sure is mostly water weight, but still, yay! I’m doing better about working out and this week my goal is to bike to campus 2 days, run 2 days, and work out with Jillian 2 days.


Lunches: Chinese garlic green beans with pasta and gingery carrot and cucumber salad, lima beans in pluot chutney with roasted corn and baked zucchini

Suppers: Right now the only thing I have planned is pistou (recipe tomorrow!), but I love this stuff and made a giant batch.


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  1. I hope you do well on your test! They can definitely be stressful. And I like your new format.

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