Eat Less, Move More, Spend Less?

So, if you’ve been following my new Twitter feed, I’ve been posting a budget friendly outfit every day. However, taking a full length picture every day is forcing me to confront the fact I really have gained almost 30 pounds in 4 years. I have a more active social life since I moved out to California (more alcohol, cheese, and fries) and I fell out of the habit of dealing with stress by running and into the habit of dealing with it by eating.

I know there’s lots of expensive ways to help me lose the weight, from providing the food like NutriSystem, to support systems like Weight Watchers. Fortunately, in the past I’ve had luck with Spark People, a free website for recording food and exercise. They also have a free app, which I downloaded to my phone so I can enter what I eat as I go through my day. As for the exercise side of things, I found a good deal on entry in a local half marathon this November. I’ve run a few before, so while it’ll take some work I love having a goal when I exercise. Next month I regain free access to the student gym and in the mean time I’ll spend some more quality time with my kettlebell and Jillian Michaels dvd.

And who knows? I could even save some more money along the way, by cutting back on snacks at work, ordering fewer drinks and fries, and splurging on less fancy cheeses.

Got any tips or affordable healthy recipes for me?


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