A Summer’s Day on the Farm

I know I talk about Nevermore Farm a lot, so I thought I’d document one of my visits and share it with y’all.

I started out my morning in the greenhouse, watering all the plants found in there. Currently, most of these guys are things being nursed along or have no home elsewhere. The beast of a plant on the lower left is a rose scented geranium, that smells amazing every time I brush past it.

Next I headed to the seedling tent. Last time I went up, I started a number of seed trays for fall plantings, but the one of lettuce completely failed. Note to self: next time check that seed packets didn’t expire 7 years ago. Some of the other trays had a lot of seeds that didn’t sprout, so I spent an hour or so placing 2 lettuce seeds in each of those cells in the black tray, and cabbage, kale, and spinach seeds into their own appropriate trays.  Not the most exciting task in the world, but I’m looking forward to lots of tasty greens this falls, so I’ll count this as worth it.

By that point it was hot outside, but fortunately, Deborah had lots of produce to can inside. I started with the above trays of tomatoes, running them through the white machine on the left, which pureed them and separated them from their seeds and skins. While I worked on the tomatoes in the living room, she had the joyous task of peeling and pitting peaches by hand in the kitchen.

All those tomatoes went into the large pot in the back right, to make a giant batch of tomato sauce. The prettiest of peaches went into the lower right pot with simple syrup for canned half peaches. The not so pretty peaches, which seem to outnumber the pretty ones 9 to 1, went into the two pots on the left to make peach butter, which has to be stirred almost constantly to prevent burning. Fortunately, I’m getting better at using my phone one handed, so I spent a good half an hour or so perched on a stool alternating between stirring the two pots of peach butter and texting.

Was this a thrilling day? No. Was it a lot of work? Yes. Occasionally tedious? Yes. But was it fun? Definitely. With a career that’s currently computer focused, it’s nice to work with my hands, get a little messy, and have tangible results at the end of the day. It’s also really great to to be so involved with producing my own food. Cap it off with spending all that time with a good friend who I can talk with for hours, and it made for a really great day.


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