The Cost of Dating

One thing I’ve been trying this summer is online dating. I’m trying to keep it low key, and using a fairly popular free site. But, the dates themselves are getting a little expensive. I’m a fan of meeting a guy earlier rather than later in the process, which means I’ve been going on a fair amount of dates for coffee or drinks and one or so a week adds up quickly. Plus, I live in a small farm town about 30 minutes from a fairly large city, which means most of my dates live in the city. They always seem to suggest meeting at a really awesome place around the corner from where they live, which means I’m out $8 in gas as well as the cost of my latte or wine, and that adds up really quickly.

So, my new policy is that if they’re not willing to meet me in my town or the town that is between us, it’s not worth my time and effort. Also, I’ve switched to ordering iced tea or lager, which tend to be waaaay cheaper than lattes and merlots. Finally, I’m focusing on one guy at a time, though that’s as much for emotional energy as finances.

Am I being a total cheap skate? How does a person on a limited budget survive dating without going broke?


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  1. I definitely do not think you’re being cheap ! It’s hard to spend the money when you don’t know if you’ll even like the person. I think meeting in the middle is TOTALLY fair. Good luck with the dating !

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