Clearing Out the Pantry

As a total foodie and someone who makes almost all their meals at home, my pantry gets used a few times a day. Before I moved into this house, I moved on average twice a year, which meant twice a year my pantry got cleaned out, extras got donated, and I would find a new system. However, I haven’t moved in two years, which means my pantry got a little disorganized. Rather than shift things around, I threw up my hands and took to storing extras in my coat closet. What extras? 2 cases of soup from Costco that I didn’t really like, 1 case of empty canning jars, and 20 pounds of flour. Also, I don’t have a lot of cabinet space, so things that didn’t fit there got shoved to the back of my pantry where they developed a lovely coat of dust. (I’m making y’all want to eat at my place, aren’t I?) Other items got shoved on top of my refrigerator (lunch bags) or somehow got divided between my pantry and cabinets (tupperwear).

So, I emptied my pantry, and wiped down all the shelves. Ingredients got put on the top few shelves organized by type/use, tupperwear was reunited entirely in the pantry, less used items such as the tea pot and espresso maker got moved to the cabinets, and all the flour and canning jars were removed from their exile in the coat closet. I posted the 2 cases of soup and a large container of protein powder that I disliked (it turned my milk green, ugh!) on Freecycle and within 24 hours they were all gone.

And for you sharp eyed readers out there, yes I eat Ramen. It’s my fast food: add some egg or tofu, frozen broccoli, and only use half a packet and it’s a relatively balanced meal in 4 minutes. Also, please don’t take my use of a Duke lunch bag as a sign of fandom: I got it as a free gift. Anyways, someday I’ll tackle my magnetic strip/spice jar system, but not today.



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2 responses to “Clearing Out the Pantry

  1. I love pantries – we just have these old, dark cupboards that I hate. We can’t find anything so we definitely have a stockpile of stuff hanging out in the back of them. Every once in awhile I do a food inventory and am usually horrified by how much I’m hoarding.

  2. It’s scary, isn’t it?

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