New Toy!

Two years ago, I desperately wanted to upgrade to a smartphone. However, my house closing got pushed to the day before I had to be out of my rental, and somewhere during the process of supervising the movers (yay college students!), exchanging freaked out calls with my realtor because the sellers were suddenly refusing to sign the papers (boo!), and sobbing to my friend who lives nearby and has a fax machine (thanks!), my phone stopped receiving calls. I had been planning on researching plans and phones, but I didn’t have time for that and was freaking out ever so slightly over hemorrhaging money, so I renewed my same plan of limited minutes and texting and got a fairly basic phone. And for the past two years, I’ve resented paying $58 every month for so little and I’ve been a little jealous of my friends and their super cool smart phones.

Anyways, last week my contract finally expired. For months I’ve been researching plans, network coverage, and phones. I love the coverage Verizon has, but their plans were way too expensive for what they offered. In the end, I went with Virgin Mobile. They have contract free plans with 300 talk minutes, unlimited texting and data for $35 a month. If their rates get too expensive or I get a better offer elsewhere, there’s no penalty for changing. Plus, their network is run through Sprint so it’s very reliable. The only downside is that you have to pay the entire price of the phone, but even with that, I’m still saving money within 9 months. I ended up saving my babysitting money all summer to splurge on a top of the line phone. As much as I wanted an iPhone, I couldn’t rationalize $600 (!) when the HTC Evo V is virtually the same thing for only $300.

So, with savings of $20 a month for a better plan and a fun new toy, I’m a pretty happy camper.


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