Emptying the Files

I completed my final project for clearing out my office on Tuesday by tackling my filing system. I have a tendency to save absolutely every single bill or statement, stack them on my desk, and let them accumulate for a few months. Then I spend an evening sorting them out, then shoving them into my filing drawer. It was about time to face that stack again, but my cabinet was about to explode. Since I have all my accounts online I can find copies of all these bills going back at least a year online, so I started to purge. Anything that’s got a digital version available got thrown into the recycling bin. All I kept is my account information so there’s a hard copy and of course all my important documents. Now I have plenty of space, and in case of a big emergency, i can grab my files and go.

To prevent this build up from happening again, I moved my office trash can to between my front door and the entry table. That way as soon as I get home I can toss in the junk mail and tear up the bills and statements, so they don’t even make it back to my office.

Next up on my simplify project, my kitchen!


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