July Recap and August Goals

And somehow after another 31 days, it is yet another month. My mind is blown.

July Goals

  • Save $100 towards a new phone

Squeaked it in under the wire by earning the last of the money yesterday, but I did it!

  • Study 1 hour a day for my prequalifying exam

Going by averages, I hit this goal, and I’ve gotten better about doing practice problems during my breaks at work.

  • Do yoga once a week

Nope. I’ve been doing more stretching, which is good, but not a full session of yoga. 50 plus hour work weeks are a little draining.

July Income

  • $50 mystery shopping
  • $30 cleaning houses
  • $20 canning lessons

Not too bad for feeling like I didn’t work much. However,  I haven’t heard from the woman I clean for in a few weeks. Should I call her or just wait for her to contact me? Any opinions?

August Goals

  • Replace my phone and get a cheaper plan
  • Do practice problems 5 days a week
  • Work out twice a week
  • Wear eyeshadow 6 days a week (my make-up collection rivals my toiletry collection)

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