Bye Bye Boxes

The next step of tackling my office was to confront the closet in there. I had three main issues with my closet: gift bags and rolls of wrapping paper that I attempt to put on the shelf in there but knock them all down when I go to retrieve one, the craft supplies that I leave on the floor in their shopping bags, and the empty boxes that I just toss in there from packages I’ve received. In under an hour I transferred all gift wrapping supplies to a desk drawer, craft supplies were neatly packed in a Rubbermaid container that previously contained all my extra toiletries (yay for I Complete You!), and most of the boxes were collapsed and ready to be taken to recycling.Those boxes are now temporarily taking up space in my living room, as you can in this lovely artificially lit photo.

I did save 4 in case I ever ship anything (1 tiny, 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large) and a bag of packing peanuts. While I haven’t taken any photos of the now mostly empty closet, I do have one more poorly lit photo of Falcor who wanted his picture taken.

I promise he’s normally white, not yellow.


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