My Little Luxuries

I’ve seen a few bloggers posting lists of the things they splurge on, so I thought I’d join in and share my necessary luxuries.

1) Tea. I prefer to drink high quality, loose-leaf tea, since I’m one of those snobs who swear they can taste the paper on the tea bags. Fortunately, I often get this as gifts or I can buy it in bulk at the Co-Op for not too much. $5 or $6 worth can last me 2 months. My boss makes fun of me for having a tea drawer in my desk: a variety of black and green teas, sugar, local honey, a tea infuser, and a tiny saucer to leave the infuser on. I just tell him he’s lucky I’m not hooked on coffee or espresso or I’d be driving him up the walls.

2) Good Cheese/Dark Chocolate/Red Wine. Once a month, I buy a hunk or two of good cheese, such as goat, blue, aged parmesan, feta or manchego, the list goes on. I like to use it sparingly to really enjoy the flavors and make it last. Similarly, I always have a bar of dark chocolate in my refrigerator and have a square every couple of days. Finally, I grown beyond two buck chuck, and when I can find something decent in my price range, I don’t mind paying for it.

3) Sunscreen. If you’ve ever seen my I Complete You Challenge list, I clearly am not loyal to any one skin-care item. The only exception is my Shiseido sunscreen. Y’all, the queen of cheap shells out $35 a bottle for this stuff and have yet to regret it. It doesn’t make my skin oily, doesn’t cause break-outs, doesn’t have a scent, doesn’t wear off in water. As a pasty white redhead, I have to wear sunscreen everyday and this is the only formula that makes me actually willing to do that.

4) Living Alone. I own a two-bedroom townhouse and spend half my limited student budget on my mortgage and HOA fees. Yes, I have space for another person and it would cut my housing and utility costs in half. Why don’t I do it? Because, I’m the crazy roommate. I hate picking up after myself, and when I finally do, I decide the entire place needs to be spotless. I’m very picky about my possessions (touch my kitchen knives and die) and love decorating my home just so. Finally, I’m an introvert. The ability to come home, take my pants off, and not have to talk to anybody is completely priceless.

What little splurges do you find absolutely essential?



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2 responses to “My Little Luxuries

  1. We used to never have roommates, but we have 1 now and we’re about to have another. Hopefully it goes well!

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