DIY Failure

Y’all, sometimes my eagerness for a project gets a wee bit beyond my actual ability. Or an idea sounds really good, but doesn’t exactly pan out the way I thought it should.

A few years ago, I had a foodie crush on Alton Brown. And the organized side of me loved his individually labeled magnetic spice jars, which hung so nicely from magnetic strips inside his pantry. I bought a bunch of those jars, so I could buy just the right amount of my favorite spices from the bulk section, and when I finally had a semi-permanent home, I knew I would immediately put magnetized strips inside my own pantry.

Well, I’ve been in my own house for almost 2 years and never quite got around to buying my fancy magnetic tape. But then I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest from Martha Stewart. Take empty tea tins (which I have a handful of) add magnetic tape, and voila, adorable pencil cups to hang on your fridge. Clearly magnetic tape and I were meant to be.

I went out and bought the magical magnetic tape, and as soon as I got home, I cut off a strip to stick on the back of a tea tin. Voila! Adorable refrigerator pencil cup! Next I cut off strips to put inside my pantry door. Except, they didn’t actually stick, and instead almost immediately curled up and fell off. It was getting late, so I set aside the project for the next day.

The next morning, I went downstairs and found my beloved pencil cup on the floor. No problem, maybe I had too many pens in it: I’d deal with it later. That evening I pulled out everything from my pencil cup besides a pen, a pencil and a fine tip permanent marker. Then I pulled out my hammer and the smallest nails I could find, and nailed the other strips to the inside of my pantry door. I put up all my spice jars and happily went upstairs to read.

Anybody want to guess what happened the next morning?

If you guessed that everything was on the floor, you win the prize! Apparently my magical magnetic tape can only support the weight of empty containers.

So now I have a collection of magnet-less yet adorable pencil cups, a bunch of spice jars that do stack nicely since they’re magnetized, a new collection of holes in my pantry door and half a roll of magnetic tape.

Any other brilliant uses for magnetic tape?


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