DIY Dog Toy

One of Falcor’s favorite toys is a rope. He loves playing tug of war, racing down the hall to play fetch with it, throwing it in the air and shaking it around, or just chewing on it. Not surprisingly, ropes don’t have the longest life at my place. Every few months I find myself back at the pet store buying another $8 hunk of rope.

Finally, I had a light bulb go off over my head. Rope is also sold at the hardware store and is probably way cheaper.

So, during my last trip to the hardware store I bought 3 feet of un-dyed cotton rope (nothing but the best for my dog!) for $2.40. Tied some knots on the end and let him have at it.

Best part, besides the price? My knots are holding up way better than those on the expensive pet store ones, so this thing might even last longer than the other ones.



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2 responses to “DIY Dog Toy

  1. mylistmylovesmylife

    That’s a great idea!! How thick is the rope? How did you tie the knot to stay so well?

    • At my hardware store, the largest all cotton rope was 5/8″ thick. As for the knots, I tied simple ones on the end, and just kept tugging them until they were nice and tight.

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