May Recap and June Goals

Yay for June! I honestly didn’t think I’d make it through May. I rarely made it home before 8 pm, and most weekend days I was gone. Unfortunately, the insanity isn’t over yet: in the next two weeks I’ve got to finish up a bunch of class work and take finals. Also, unfortunately, when I’m stressed out I find it very hard to keep to a budget or watch what I eat. But, every month is a fresh start, right?

May Goals:

  • pay off dental bill

Kinda…I’m sending the check in tomorrow morning.

  • find an extra source of income

Yes! I did a ridiculous amount of online surveys, became a mystery shopper and found a few other side jobs that will hopefully be on going.

  • ride to school 2 days per week

Nope. Bike issues, plus exhaustion equals pure laziness. It’s so much easier to hop a bus, and read a book for a while, than to pedal my behind around town.

  • track food eaten, good or bad

I’m giving myself partial credit on this. I did it for a while, but once again, super busy.

June Goals:

  • Bike to school
  • Go cash only
  • Put the money I earn into savings

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