April Recap and May Goals

It’s May! My garden is going bonkers, I’ve taken the heavy covers off my bed, and I no longer need a jacket for my morning commute. Also, with the longer days, I have so much more energy after work/school and feel so much more productive. I’m hoping to channel that energy into a very fiscally responsible month, since I didn’t end April with the best of habits. On that note, let’s revisit April and see what I’ve got planned for May.

April Goals:

  • Stick to my entertainment budget

I did it! Don’t ask about my gas or food budgets, but my fun budget? Totally in control.

  • Don’t buy any clothes or shoes even though spring weather is calling my name

I didn’t buy any clothes (yay!) but I fell for a $4 pair of brand new sneakers at the thrift store. I consider this to be a 99% victory.

  • Run 3 days a week with the pup

I did pretty well on this, until Falcor hurt his paw and limped for a week, and the next week I hurt my back and limped around for the remainder of the month.

May Goals:

  • pay off dental bill
  • find an extra source of income
  • ride to school 2 days per week
  • track food eaten, good or bad


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2 responses to “April Recap and May Goals

  1. I’m trying to run more with my pup also. It’s always a lot of fun.

  2. It is so much more fun to run with him, plus I get the benefit of a tired dog afterwards. And a tired dog is much less likely to wreak havoc.

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