March Recap and April Goals

With the beginning of a new month, it’s time look back at how I did in March and make some plans for April.

In March, my goals were:

  • Only take my car outside of town only once a week

Done! I used less than one tank of gas for the entire month. I was so proud of myself and while I know i can’t repeat that achievement this month, I’m sticking with my limited car use policy.

  • No buying snacks

I actually planned well enough ahead that I didn’t buy random snacks. I did eat out a time or two, but I kept almonds and raisins at my desk, packed snacks for when I would be out of the home, or just sucked it up and waited until I made it home for food.

  • And on health and fitness level, lose 5 pounds

Fail. I didn’t gain weight, which is good, but didn’t lose any. Maybe April, though so far I’ve been to happy hour 3 times this week. Oops.

April Goals:

  • Stick to my entertainment budget
  • Don’t buy any clothes or shoes even though spring weather is calling my name
  • Run 3 days a week with the pup

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