Dumpster Diving

One of my friends was recently taking a short cut behind a grocery store, when he saw an employee bring out a cartload of stuff to throw in the dumpster. It included a couple cases of cleaning supplies and one of flour where one item in each had exploded in transit, and it apparently wasn’t worth it to the store to clean up what was left behind. My friend proudly left with 2 cases of cleaning supplies and a case of flour, and he was eager to share his bounty.

And while it’s hard to admit, I wasn’t too proud to accept 2 bottles of cleaner and a few bags of flour. Blatant waste makes me angry, the groceries were still in their intact packaging, and any expiration date was far away. Most embarrassingly, my budget is so tight that free cleaning supplies and flour can give me a little breathing room.

What would you guys do in this situation?


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