Another Freecycle Victory

Have I mentioned how much I love Freecycle? Because I do. I’ve managed to break most of my mechanic pencils, use up all their lead, sharpened my regular pencils down to just a nub and worn off all the erasers. I was contemplating actually going out and buying more office supplies, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to limit myself to just pencils. (Does anybody else have an office supply addiction? If so, is there a 12 step program available?)

Anyways, today on Freecycle somebody posted a bunch of mechanical pencils that they rounded up from around their house during spring cleaning. This afternoon I biked over and found a bag of 30 (!) mechanical pencils waiting for me. I’m soo excited. Some are broken, but I figure I can extract the lead and erasers from those and keep myself in writing implements for at least a few months.


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