Swiffer Hack

Someday I’d like to meet the person who decided that the entire first story of my condo needed pink tiles for flooring. It’s not just pink; it’s a uniform, pale, pale pink that shows every speck of dirt or drop of water that enters my house. And between my tendency to splash or spill when I cook and a dog that loves mud, there’s an awful lot of dirt that shows up on my floor. I know tile does clean easily, but I’m too lazy to pull out the bucket and mop once a week and the Swiffer wet cloths get expensive. But, I had a stroke of genius a few weeks ago and had to share it with y’all.

Step 1) Grab a rag (the microfiber ones are best for scrubbing)

Step 2) Squirt some all-purpose soap on that rag

Step 3) Wet the rag and wring it out

Step 4) Attach to Swiffer like you would the wet cloths

Step 5) Mop floor

Step 6) Throw rag in washing machine

It’s quick, it’s cheap and it’s more environmentally friendly than a disposable cloth. What else could a girl want? Well, besides a floor that isn’t covered with stinking pale pink tile.


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One response to “Swiffer Hack

  1. Good to know! We use too many of the disposables and it’s such a waste.

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