A Slight Setback

I feel like this budget thing often is two steps forward, one step back.

As a grad student, I have health and dental insurance, which I’m grateful for. However, the insurance is not exactly the greatest. This past fall I had to get all four wisdom teeth removed, which maxed out my coverage for the year. Now for most insurance policies, that means in January I could start over again, but with a student policy, my benefits won’t reset until August.

Since my policy wouldn’t cover my six-month check up last month, my dentist gave me a steep discount so I would only pay $25 out of pocket, which was awesome. Unfortunately, the cavity he found was not so awesome, and now I’m out another $120. I finally have an emergency fund to deal with things like this, but I hate to be drawing on it so soon. And I hate feeling like I have to withdraw due to something I could have prevented.

Oh, well. All I can do is suck it up, work on brushing and flossing more, and cross my fingers that I don’t do anything else to mess up my teeth until August 1.


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