February Recap and March Goals

February Recap and March Goals


So, how did I do with my February goals? As a refresher, they were:

  • Except for bills and gas, go cash only. I’ve taken out what I need for groceries, entertainment, doggie expenses, etc and once that’s gone, that’s it.
  • Put $150 in savings to build up my annual expenses/emergency fund.
  • Earn $25 on the side: internet surveys, babysitting, etc. The more money I make, the better.
  • No buying books. I’ve got plenty that I’ve never read or would love to reread.

Go cash only? Not quite. A few times towards the end of the month I didn’t plan sufficiently for meals away from home, so I used my debit card a few times to pick up snacks.

Save $150? Yes, I did, but the hair of my teeth! At the end, I was so tempted to go splurge a little and go to dinner with my girlfriends, but I buckled down, said maybe next time.

I also squeaked by on making $25. I saved my recycling, and when I hung out with friends who were about to toss an empty water bottle, I took it for them, and cashed the bottles for the California refund. Also, I filled out a LOT of surveys online, which made up the bulk of my $25.

I also managed to avoid buying books. I finally got my library membership, and am happily picking out books  to read in my down time.

As for the rest of my budget, I did pretty well except in gas (again.) I need to take that momentum from saying no to an extra dinner out and be able to say no to more day trips. However, I’m being realistic, increased my transportation budget by $25, and bought a regional bus pass. Which leads me to my goals for March.

  • Only take my car outside of town only once a week
  • No buying snacks
  • And on health and fitness level, lose 5 pounds

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