A Busy Girl’s Best Friend

Last Saturday, the day I normally cook for the week, after running errands, gardening, cleaning, grooming the dog, washing clothes, baking bread, and wrestling with a tricky lunch recipe, I ran out of steam before tackling my dinner recipe. Sunday turned out to be a 14 hour day, followed by 12 hour work days on Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday. My ingredients are all neatly prepped in my refrigerator, but I just never got around to making the stew. Thank goodness for leftovers.

Every time I make a big pot of kitchen sink soup (I throw in whatever beans, veggies & starch I have on hand) I freeze half of it. It was so nice to pull out a quart of frozen vegetarian Italian soup and have something tasty, nutritious and cheap for dinner, otherwise I would have had to resort to take out, which might be tasty, but is usually less nutritious and cheap than my own cooking. Microwave the soup, toast a slice of homemade bread, pour a glass of Two Buck Chuck and I almost feel like I’m in Europe somewhere. Almost.

Now this overworked student is going to ignore the pile of laundry that still needs to be folded and the opportunity to make more flash cards, and go lounge on the couch, read something trashy, and watch Grey’s just because I can.



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