Homemade Deodorant

The Friday before last, I used the last of my deodorant. As I might have mentioned before, I’m really sensitive to most scented products, with deodorants being one of the worst culprits. Plus, with my sensitive skin, a lot of them irritated my skin. As I was contemplating going to the drug store and paying $9 for the one type of anti-perspirant that does not give me migraines or a rash in my arm pits, I decided that there had to be a better solution. I turned to my friend Google, and found several pages with recipes for homemade deodorant. Most included only coconut oil, baking soda and essential oils, all of which I already had in my house. I figured, for little cost, I could try it for a few days and see how it went. The first day was one I spent at home and could frequently sniff my armpits to check. The next day I hung out with a friend and made her tell me the honest truth: no smell. It’s been over a  week and I’ve been fine. No dampness or smell after my pilates class, and I’m fine for strolling around campus. It didn’t survive my 12 mile bike ride to school, but nothing does: that’s why I take a shower and reapply once I’m on campus.

Homemade Deodorant

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 5 tbsp coconut oil
  • few drops lavender essential oil

Melt coconut oil in the microwave. Mix in baking soda and essential oils. Pour mixture into a tin or jar and allow to set overnight. In the morning, rub a little onto your fingers, swipe under your arms, then rinse your fingers off. Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Homemade Deodorant

  1. This really worked? May have to try this myself. Cheers!

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