Friday Favorites 2/10/12

This week Savvy Sugar has a post on affordable vegetarian cooking. It lists most of the main principals of my cooking: focus on grains & legumes, lots of soups, use in-season produce and all of the vegetable or fruit.

I’m contemplating challenging myself to not buying clothing in 2012, and Fabulously Broke has a great post on how to make old clothing feel like new again that gives me hope that I can do this.

Of course, even if I can’t spend my money on clothes, there’s nothing to say I can’t spend somebody else’s. Iris has yet another great giveaway on her blog, this time for Shopbop!

I’m currently bored with my hair style (below the shoulders, layered, blunt bangs) but it makes the most sense for my lifestyle, hair type and facial structure. Fortunately, Zhenya has a round-up of simple up-dos for medium to long hair.

Finally, Yahoo had a nice article on how to make beauty treatments last longer. I might not get haircuts or pedicures often, but when I do, I want to make them last for sure.


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