This post won’t come as much of surprise but I love Groupons. Not just Groupons, but also Living Social, Amazon local, etc. Who doesn’t love getting an amazing discount on a local business? However, I have a tendency to want to save them for something special, then before I know it, the deal is almost over. This weekend, a friend and I found ourselves rearranging our schedules to go use our facials certificates before they expired next week. It was my first facial, and the experience was awesome! My skin looks and feels amazing, I loved the head massage, and the knots in my shoulders and neck are all gone.

Now this friend knows about my new budget cutting goals and we talked about Groupons and their ilk on our long drive home. You see, we were so excited about cheap facials, that we failed to notice that the spa was an hour away from where we lived. By the time you factor in gas and the full tip on a normally expensive facial, we could’ve had two facials, or a facial and a pedicure at one of the cheap places in our neighborhood. My friend then brought up her own tendency to buy deals for cupcakes stores, cookie bakeries and hamburger joints. Except now she’s trying to eat healthier, and those things don’t fit in her diet. Sure, one cookie wouldn’t hurt her, but the deal is for a dozen, and neither of us have the willpower to be around that type of temptation. In the end, we came up with a list of Groupon (and Living Social and Amazon local) rules. We’d love to add more, if anybody has any good ones.

Groupon Rules

  • limit monthly deal purchases to $25 or less
  • no purchases outside a 20 mile radius
  • estimate the extra costs in tip, etc before buying
  • no multiples of deal-types until we use the old ones: if I already have one facial deal, I can’t buy another until the old one is used up



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